Hospitality, indulgence and comfort

To enjoy is an art in and of itself. And we will do everything to make it easy for you to be a relishing connoisseur. Small dishes, delicious meals, or even simply a freshly tapped beer or a good glass of wine accompanied by a little dainty await you. Forget about life for a while, you’ll enjoy being here. After all, despite today’s hectic times we appreciate having you as a guest.

Our kitchen team will prepare light and fresh dishes for you from locally grown foods and seasonal items for all appetites big and small.

Specialities perfected with modern components of an upscale cuisine. The appeal of our offerings is further enhanced by international creations and our house meats.

If you’re looking for a low-calorie, lactose-free, gluten-free or diabetic dining experience – our kitchen will serve it. Please advise us of your special request when making your reservation.

Opening hours:
Mondays – closed during Lunch time (hotel and conference facilities open all day)
Monday evenings – serving hot food 5:30 pm to 9.30 pm
Tuesday to Saturday – serving hot food 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Sundays – closed

A sample from our menu


Panna Cotta of asparagus with graved salmon
€ 13,50
Salad of asparagus with breaded goat cheese
€ 13,20
Tatar of beef with a herbal salad and Parmesan cheese
€ 14,80


Consommé with stripes of savory Swabian pancakes
€ 5,00
Asparagus cream soup with cuts of asparagus
€ 6,80
Cream soup of wild garlic
€ 6,80

Main dishes

Swabian ravioli with leaf spinach and fried egg
€ 14,80
Fillet of salmon with an asparagus risotto
€ 25,50
Breaded escalope of saddle of pork
with French fries and salad (buffet)
€ 15,80
Cordon bleu of veal filled with ham and cheese,
French fries and salad from the buffet
€ 23,50
Roast beef with roasted potatoes,
salad from the buffet
€ 24,50
Rump steak under a wild garlic crust with grilled vegetables and torpedo noodles
€ 27,80

Vegetarian Dish

Tortellini with wild garlic with green and white asparagus
€ 14,50

Fresh Salad

Cesar´s salad: Lettuce with a buttermilk dressing
with fillets of orange, croutons, Parmesan cheese
and chicken breast
€ 15,20

Wines you will enjoy... (excerpt)

White wines

2016 Riesling Winterbach, Qualitätswein b. A.
trocken, Weingut Jürgen Ellwanger, Winterbach, Württemberg
€ 25,00
2017 Cleebronner Michaelsberg, Qualitätswein b.A.
Weingärtner Cleebronn-Güglingen, Cleebronn, Württemberg
€ 19,80
2017 Herzog Christoph Grauburgunder, QbA
trocken, Weingärtner Cleebronn-Güglingen, Cleebronn, Württemberg
€ 24,00
2016 Niederhauser Hermannshöhle, Riesling, QbA
trocken, Weingut Schneider, Niederhausen, Nahe
€ 32,00

Red wines

2016 Fellbacher Schiefer, Qualitätswein b.A.
Trollinger, trocken, Fellbacher Weingärtner eG, Fellbach, Württemberg
€ 21,00
2017 Stettener Trollinger mit Lemberger, VDP Gutswein
trocken, Weingut Karl Haidle, Kernen, Württemberg
€ 23,00
2015 Spätburgunder 3 Sterne Junge Reben
trocken, Weingut Rainer Schnaitmann, Fellbach, Württemberg
€ 35,00
2015 "Herbst im Park" Rotwein-Cuvée, Qualitätswein
Cuvée aus Lemberger, Spätburgunder, Cabernets und Dornfelder
Weingut Graf Adelmann, Steinheim-Großbottwar, Württemberg
€ 37,50
2016 Aquilae Nero d´Avola, IGT
Nero d´avola, trocken,
Viticoltori Associati Canicatti, Canicatti, Sizilien, Italien
€ 23,00
2015 Mestizaje, "Vino de Pago"
Cuvée aus Bobal, Garnache, Syrah, Merlot, trocken
Vinedos y Bodega Mustiguillo, Terrerazo Uziel, Valencia, Spanien
Guia Repsol: 91 Punkte
€ 35,00
2015 Rafa Cambra, DOS
Cuvée aus Cabernet Sauvignon und Cabernet Franc, trocken
Bodegas Rafael Cambra, Ontinyent, Valencia, Spanien
€ 36,00
Branchaia Chianti Classico Riserva IGT
Cuvée aus 20% Merlot und 80% Sangiovese, im Barrique ausgebaut,
Brancaia, Siena, Italien
€ 52,00

Rosé wines

2017 Remstal Zweigelt rosé, Qualitätswein
feinfruchtig, Remstalkellerei, Weinstadt, Württemberg
€ 18,50
2017 Sankt M Lemberger Weißherbst
trocken, Weingärtner Cleebronn-Güglingen,
Cleebronn, Württemberg
€ 19,00
2016 Fellbacher Trollinger Weißherbst, Qualitätswein
Fellbacher Weingärtner eG, Fellbach, Württemberg

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