Welcome to Rudersberg…

Welcome to Rudersberg. Rudersberg is located between Stuttgart (approx. 38km) and Heilbronn (approx. 45km) at the western end of the Welzheim Forest in the Wieslauf Valley at 270 to 536 meters above sea level, right between Schorndorf and Backnang. The Welzheim Forest is part of the 5 forested areas of the Swabian-Francophonian Forest nature reserve.

The municipal area features the area’s largest connected mixed orchards, making Rudersberg a community with Germany’s highest ratio of mixed orchards.

The beautiful and sometimes almost untouched serene landscape of the Welzheim Forest is right outside the state capital of Stuttgart, thus bordering one of Europe’s economic metropoles.

We look forward to your visit – safe travels!

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